Sap PROGRAM DIRECTOR Utilities – Saudi

My client is one of the very well-known and respected SAP Consulting groups, currently wanting to hire for a longterm (3 years) program of works, an accomplished & senior Program Director, someone who understands Utility Operations PREFERABLY.


You will:

* Manage E2E delivery of a large-scale, high-risk strategic project in Saudi Arabia.

* Evaluate complex situations accurately & identify viable solutions that create successful outcome for the customer.

* Manage relationship with project stakeholders, including internal & external clients, keeping stakeholders informed of progress & issues, in order to manage expectations on all project requirements and deliverables.

* Work with stream leads from both employer and customer’s business to manage resources, project activities, and dependencies to build the detailed plans.

* Manage and communicate a clear vision of the project’s objectives, and motivate the project team to achieve them; create a project environment that enables peak performance by team members.

* Ensure proper use of ASAP methodology, tools and procedures.

* Ensure proper governance is in place to best meet project objectives including subcontractors.

* Effectively manage the project delivery as per proposed scope, timeline and budget (bid v/s did).

* Coordinate activities and manage dependencies across various subcontractors, onsite and offshore functional/technical teams to support a highly collaborative work environment.

* Manage prioritization decisions and change requests throughout the life of the program.

* Balance the trade-off of the triple- constraint (time, cost and scope) to realize the expected business value.

* Evaluate strategic options & alternatives for delivering or offering services in a more efficient or cost effective manner.

* Build customer relationships with a clear expectation to deliver follow-on business or identify opportunities within an account.

* Deal with difficult issues at the customer, and find win-win solutions for both Customer and Self.

* Proactively identify changes in work scope and ensure appropriate planning measures are taken with internal and external stakeholders to reassess and amend the scope of work requirements, budget and timeline.

* Manage the financial aspects of the project: budgeting and estimate to actual variance.

* Analyze risk, establish contingency plans and identify trigger events and responsibilities for initiating mitigating action.

* Communicate and/or escalate project issues early to account management and delivery management.

* Determine what constitutes successful closure for all parties.

* Gain acceptance and sign-off by all parties when closure is attained.

* Plan and execute formal Quality Gate process following the Q-Gate approach in ASAP methodology.
The client has indicated they wish to hire a Westerner with native English for this, and will pay very well, either as a permanent, or under contract (Maybe Term).


URGENTLY send your detailed resume to