Adobe Campaign Consultants Senior – Melbourne

My client is one of the 4 largest Consulting companies in the world, now wanting to hire well-experienced Adobe Campaign Consultants, as permanent employees, and working at one of their very large clients in Melbourne.


You will:-

Be able to work in Agile & Waterfall enterprise environments.

Have a good understanding of security & how that applies to environment management (dev, qa, preprod, prod).

Be able to formulate solution proposal to support the Marketing team’s use of Adobe.

Be the go-to person for troubleshooting Adobe issues.

Excellent stakeholder management (Marketing, PM, Delivery Manager).

Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Good understanding of the lead generation & marketing business.

Passionate about the customer experience & driving customer success.

Familiarity with Enterprise software & project implementation life cycles is a plus.

Expertise with:

* Adobe deployment across multiple environments.

* Monitoring Adobe uptime & errors.

* Nagios alert technology.

* Continuous data import/export workflow.

* Adobe user management.

* Continuous integration process & how it applies to Adobe.

* Adobe Logging capability & demonstrate how it could be used to improve maintenance.

* SMS integration with Adobe.

* Web integration with Adobe.

* Javascript, tomcat, html, css, basic understanding of networking.

* Data archiving of Adobe internals as well as databases.

* TSQL and MS SQL Server.

* Performance tuning of Adobe & SQL.

* Adobe features for supporting high performance.


Salaries are totally negotiable.


Please send your detailed resume to